We present a wide range of services, able to provide different experiences, linked to the city, its relationship with the Ria, with Nature and Culture ...

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Cale Do Oiro

Aveiro, the city of the canals that run through the narrow streets of the historical center in a landscape where the colorful moliceiro boats, show a history linked to the lagoon (Ria).
With recipes based on the people connected to the Ria the gastronomy offers unique flavors, alongside the famous sweet eggs.
For leisure Aveiro offers an entertaining nightlife in the middle of the streets. Combined with a diverse range of touristic activities, such on land as in water, the visit turns into an experience to repeat. Come on and try it!

Cale do Oiro rises from the will of a small group from Aveiro, passionate about their city, to share the prosperity (natural and cultural) of the region to whom visits. Claiming to be a benchmark in the region’s tourism, offering a large range of services able to provide different experiences linking the city to Nature, in particular with the Ria, and also with the Culture. Always with the motto to satisfy the customer, Cale do Oiro will always seek to provide new experiences to anyone visiting Aveiro.



- Traditional Boat -

The Moliceiro is assumed as one of the references of Aveiro’s Lagoon as traditional craft.
With a trip on a Cale do Oiro Traditional Boat you can get to know the city in an original and different way. A 45 minutes ride along its urban canals.


- Mini Train -

Aveiro, the city of the lagoon, of the canals and beyond.
Visiting Aveiro in a Touristic Train is our new investment.  Come and discover Aveiro by train.
We have the perfect vehicle for school visits, company events, birthday parties and others.


-  Modern Boat -

Cale do Oiro offers an out of the ordinary tour. Through a modern motorboat, with the capacity up to 50 people, music and meals on board, bar and touristic guiding. Come to know the unknown Ria!

Walking Tours

- New Art -

All tours depart from Cale do Oiro! Come and see in an original way the Art Nouveau itinerary: by foot! Our tourist guides are waiting for you!


Salinas & Salty Baths

- The ex-libris of our Ria -

Salt, the symbols of our Ria ... Moliceiros and shakers, sailing with any tide ... Marine botadas and amanhadas, strictly speaking ... sacred salt, precious ... so that we find in all manifestations. The Aveiro, probably the best in the world.
The visitors can enjoy Salty Baths. Besides the experience provided by high salt concentration, higher than the seawater, the Salinário takes advantage of the therapeutic properties of sea salt which help in poor circulation of blood, the treatment of psoriasis and skin hydration.
While some of our guests enjoy salty and muddy bathing or relaxing massages, our marnotos continue to rer salt which can then be used in the confection of your meals. Try it now!

Sweet eggs

- Local Sweets -

Sweet with a certification associated to the Protected Geographical Identification designation. Its origins are associated with existing convents in the city, including the Monastery of Jesus. The shapes of the sweet eggs refer to the relationship of Aveiro with the Ria and the sea.

Programs and Groups

With the wide range of services we have available, many possibilities present themselves in terms of the experiences that you can enjoy in the city of Aveiro. We are available to provide personalized services, covering one or more services, according to what the customer (individual or group) you want. Do not hesitate to contact us!


Suites Residence

- Accommodation-

For those looking for refinement at a low price, Cale do Oiro - Suites Residence is the ideal place to enjoy the best of Aveiro.

Comfortable, charming, simple and affordable are the adjectives that best describe our accommodation. Close to everything you need for a magnificent stay.

The rooms bathed by the sunshine, have a private bathroom with shower and amenities. All rooms have a LCD TV, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi.


Contact us

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